Tickets and Car Accidents

If you are in a wreck and the investigating officer thinks it was your fault, you might get a ticket. Typically it will be for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident, or failing to yield the right of way, or failing to stop at a duly erected stop sign or red light. Usually the DA’s office will dismiss these tickets if you present a letter from your insurance company stating it has paid for the injuries or damages to the other person or their car.

A letter simply stating that you have insurance or that the claim is being investigated is not enough. It must list you as the insured driver, the date of the accident, and it must state that the damages actually have been paid.

Sometimes, it takes several months for your insurance company to settle these claims. In those cases, you (or I, if I am representing you) may have to get your case continued (postponed) one or more times while we wait for the letter.